Crude Oil Supply

Hunt Crude Oil Supply Company, LLC is the crude oil and other feedstock purchasing arm of Hunt Refining Company and is a wholly owned subsidiary. The mission of Hunt Crude Oil Supply Company, LLC is to ensure that Hunt Refining Company refineries are kept supplied with quality crudes at a fair price while being a good partner to its suppliers. Hunt Crude Oil Supply accomplishes this mission through its offices in Alabama, Texas and Canada.

Hunt Crude Oil Supply Company, LLC is:

  • First purchaser (and royalty distributor) of crude from Alabama and Mississippi.
  • Acquirer of rail and pipeline crude from Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Purchaser of term and spot pipeline and barge crude from the mid- continent via St. Louis.
  • Purchaser of term and spot international crude via the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Hunt Crude Oil Supply Company, LLC utilizes the following assets to deliver crude oils to Hunt Refining Company refineries:

  • A million barrel plus crude oil and product storage facility in Mobile, Alabama.
  • Pipeline and terminals in Alabama and Mississippi.
  • A barge fleet servicing the mid-continent and the U.S. Gulf Coast.
  • A fleet of more than 1,000 rail cars to deliver crude from Canada and the mid-continent.

To continue to meet its mission, Hunt Crude Oil Supply Company, LLC maintains flexibility of all supply arrangements while honoring all of its commitments. The company's size and management team provide Hunt Crude Oil Supply a unique ability to adapt to changing crude oil production landscapes.

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