Environmental, Health, Safety, Security & Social Stewardship

Hunt Refining Company observes the refining and petrochemical industry's best practices in health and safety management. Integrity is the foundation of the company's performance in environmental, health and safety. As one of the core values for the Hunt family of companies, integrity affects not only Hunt Refining's people and reputation but also the reliability of its operations.

Hunt Refining draws on the leadership and expertise of all employees to find innovative ways to promote environmental, health and safety stewardship and meet its social responsibilities.

The company has developed practices that define how it communicates environmental, health and safety leadership and vision through the company and through third-party organizations to deliver meaningful results on the ground.

Hunt Refining Company maintains outstanding environmental, health and safety performance and compliance with regulatory requirements. The company develops and preserves respectful, effective working relationships with regulatory agencies by fostering open communication and cooperation between the company and those agencies.