Workplace Flexibility

Hunt Refining Company is committed to helping employees face the demands of juggling work, family and life-related issues. The company provides employees increased flexibility with their work schedule and also allows Hunt to maintain a progressive and productive work environment. Options vary based on job requirements and needs.

To provide added schedule flexibility, employees work up to four (4) additional hours during the work week with four (4) hours off on Friday afternoon.

A 9/80 work schedule allows our employees the flexibility to better meet their personal needs while also considering the needs of the office. Under this schedule, employees work 9 hours a day from Monday to Thursday; work 8 hours on every other Friday; and have the alternate Friday off.

To better manage personal schedules, employees are provided with a broad range of daily work hours to customize their start and ending workday times.

In order to better balance work with personal needs, employees have the opportunity to work from home on a non-routine basis.

In order to provide a transitional period of adjustment when returning to work from a maternity or disability leave, we allow our employees to work part-time, from home, or a combination thereof until they are ready to restart their normal working schedule.

Our employees may receive up to 6 days paid Critical Illness Leave per immediate family member per year. For the death of an immediate family member, employees may receive up to 3 days to attend the funeral. If the deceased family member is a spouse or directly related to the employee by blood (child, parent, or sibling) or adoption (child or parent), up to 4 bereavement days may be available to the employee in addition to the death in the family days.