Hunt Refining Company has been a dependable, quality supplier of transportation fuels and other petroleum products for 70 years.

The company is a key supplier of quality gasoline and distillate fuels in the west Alabama and east Mississippi markets and to major industrial consumers throughout the southeastern United States. Hunt Refining Company markets light oil products from its Tuscaloosa refinery via truck, barge and pipeline. Regular gasoline and diesel fuel (Grade 62) are marketed to the northeastern United States via the Colonial Pipeline using the company's connection at Moundville, Alabama.

Asphalt is sold via truck, rail and barge at the two refineries, as well as from various terminals. Hunt Refining continues to expand its markets from various terminals in Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

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Hunt Refining continues to invest in technologies that allow it to produce both regular and premium grades of conventional gasoline that meet or exceed vehicle emission standards. Gasoline marketed over the Tuscaloosa refinery truck rack is blended with 10 percent ethanol, while gasoline marketed into the Colonial Pipeline is a fungible M-Grade, conventional 87 octane product.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD)

All diesel fuel refined and marketed by Hunt Refining Company in the Southeast region meets Colonial ULSD specifications. From the refinery, truck and rail rack, Hunt Refining markets both clear (on-road) and dyed (off-road) ULSD. Clear (on-road) ULSD is also marketed from the Mobile, Alabama, terminal facility. The company also sells ULSD into the Colonial Pipeline.

Commercial Jet Fuel

Hunt Refining Company produces Jet-A fuel, which is marketed to Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) in the region. The company supplies jet fuel with and without anti-ice additive.

Military Jet Fuel

Hunt Refining Company is a significant supplier of jet fuel (JP-8) to the U.S. Department of Defense in its region. This long-term supply relationship is in recognition of the value Hunt Refining Company places on meeting the highest quality standards in the marketplace.


Hunt Refining Company produces clear and dyed kerosene, which are used as fuel in heaters and in solvent applications.



Visit the Hunt Refining Company Asphalt Products website for more information.

Hunt Refining Company is a large, regional supplier of both paving- and industrial-grade asphalt. The company produces and markets Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) graded asphalt binders as well as viscosity-graded asphalt binders for paving applications. The SHRP-graded binders include both conventional performance-graded grades as well as polymer-modified grades.

  • SHRP performance-graded asphalt binders.
  • Conventional performance-graded asphalt binders. Available grades include PG 70-22, PG 67-22, PG 64-22 and PG 58-28.
  • Polymer-modified asphalt. Available grades include PG 82-22, PG 76-22, PG 76-22M, PAC-40 and PAC-30.
  • Viscosity-graded asphalt binders. Available grades include AC-2.5, AC- 5, AC-10, AC-20 and AC-30.

Asphalt Emulsions

Asphalt emulsions are classified according to the electric charge that surrounds the asphalt particles (i.e. cationic, anionic emulsions) and how quickly the suspended asphalt particles break. When emulsions contact the aggregates in the mixer or are sprayed on the road, they will break (i.e. water will evaporate, leaving the asphalt cement). The terms RS (rapid setting), MS (medium setting) and SS (slow setting) are used to designate how quickly the emulsion breaks. These are relative since the speed at which an emulsion breaks is affected by the type and concentration of emulsifier and atmospheric conditions.

  • Rapid Setting Emulsions - Application: Surface treatments.
    Rapid setting emulsions react quickly with aggregate and revert from an emulsion to asphalt. These types of emulsions produce heavy films and some grades (RS-2 and CRS-2) have a high viscosity that prevents runoff. These properties make them ideal for spray applications, such as chip seals, sand seals and surface treatments.
  • Polymer-Modified Grades - Application: Surface treatments.
    These emulsions provide improved performance over conventional grades due to the addition of polymer in the emulsification process. This results in surface treatments with less aggregate loss and improves high- and low-temperature properties. Polymer-modified grades emulsions manufactured: RS-1, RS-2, CRS-1, CRS-2.
  • Medium Setting Emulsions - Application: Mixing with aggregate, surface treatments.
    Medium setting emulsions are designed to be mixed with aggregates, either cold or warm. These emulsions do not break immediately upon contact with aggregate and the aggregate emulsion mix remains workable for a few minutes. Medium setting emulsions have been used successfully in open-graded emulsion mixes, cold-in-place recycling, base stabilization and cold-mix production at a central plant. Medium setting emulsions manufactured: MS-2; CMS-2.
  • Slow Setting Emulsions - Application: Various paving and industrial uses.
    Slow setting emulsions are designed for maximum mixing time with aggregates. Their long workability times ensure good coating with dense-graded, high-fines content aggregates. Slow setting emulsions have been used successfully for tack coats, fog seals and as dust suppressants. Other applications of slow setting emulsions include dense-graded emulsion bases and base stabilization. Slow setting emulsions manufactured: SS-1; SS-1H; CSS-1; CSS-1H.

Industrial Asphalts

Hunt Refining Company produces and markets industrial asphalts that are used in a variety of roofing applications. Most of its industrial asphalt products are tailored specifically to customers' needs. Specific commodity rack products are AC-5, AC-10 and blown coatings.

Mineral Spirits

Hunt Refining Company is the largest producer of regular mineral spirits in the Southeast region. Mineral spirits is a solvent used in asphalt cutback applications, paint thinner cleaning agents and in wood treatment applications.


Molten sulfur is produced during the hydro-desulfurization process, which reduces contaminants and sulfur from gasoline fuel. Hunt Refining Company makes sulfur that is used to produce sodium bisulfate for pulp de-chlorination and is a primary component in the production of sulfuric acid, an intermediate product in the manufacture of fertilizer.

Petroleum Coke

Coking asphalt results in the production of fuels and solid coke. We market green and pulverized petroleum coke. Green petroleum coke is used by lime and cement manufacturers as an energy source alternative to coal. Pulverized coke is used in industrial boiler applications in lieu of natural gas.